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At Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group, our goal is to take the time to dig deep and find the cause of your symptoms. Our goal is not to just suppress them.

As the best chiropractors offering chiropractic care services “near me” in Mercer Island, WA, we look at all aspects of your life including your eating patterns, sleep habits, bowel movements, stress levels, job satisfaction, medications, supplements, physical activity, or lack of.

All of these aspects of one’s life influence your health.

At our clinic, we work with the whole person, and not just on an isolated set of symptoms. We work to reverse the issues through chiropractic and massage therapy, and also educate our patients on the steps to take to prevent further suffering.

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Anna Hiatt, ARNP - Practice and Holistic Medicine

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Years of Experience

Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group are dedicated to offering the best chiropractic care and helping our patients achieve their best selves.

We are not just about checking boxes and eliminating short-term pain.

We are about your body and your mind as a whole.


Dr. Jeff Parton

will partner with you to teach you how to make lasting changes in your spine and nervous system, as well as help manage your ongoing structural wellness. Dr. Parton has been practicing since Dec 1998 and continues to have a passion for spinal and overall health and balance.

Anna Hiatt, ARNP

Anna Hiatt, ARNP

Anna Hiatt, ARNP, has nearly 20 years of experience working with the public on achieving their best overall functional health through both western and holistic methods. Anna specializes in primary care, anxiety management, weight management, and many other therapies, including Botox for both aesthetics and muscle tension management.

Patients seeking treatment at Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group are people looking for chiropractic and massage therapy providers focused on providing hands-on personal care and attention.

Why Choose a Chiropractor?


Improvement in Overall Health Chiropractic care doesn’t just target one issue or problem.

It aims to improve your overall health and wellness by helping you get back into alignment and giving your nervous system, muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints the support they need.

Chiropractors work to provide you with the specific support that’s needed for a better-functioning body that can lead to improved quality of life.

Chiropractors also aim to help increase mobility so you can do more things!

If you feel like there are limitations on what you can do due to pain or other reasons, chiropractic care could be an excellent way to open up those doors once again.

Dr. Jeff Parton - Chiropractic care
I’m excited that you are considering our office for care.
Dr. Jeff Parton

I first came to this office in 1999. I had, had a headache every week, digestive problems, and poor eyesight. I had been doing a lot of house painting and landscaping for several years prior. After finding this office in the yellow pages, I began treatment and am now completely relieved of my headaches. I’ve also had a major improvement in eyesight, weight loss, and muscle relaxation.


I have been a patient since 1995. Initially, I came in with lower back pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 7 or 8…yikes! After the first treatment, relief was immediate and after 4-5 sessions, the pain was gone. I have been a continuing patient ever since, with great results. I see Dr. Parton on a regular basis to maintain the quality of life that comes from being free of lower back pain. He works on behalf of his patient and my results have been outstanding!

Dale Bretschneider


I’ve been coming in since 1988 with neck pain caused by scar tissue built up from childhood brain surgery, and lower back pain. About 10 years ago I was in a significant rear-end collision that exacerbated these pre-existing conditions. Now, I have a better range of motion in my neck, less pain, and am more flexible. Also, I get fewer headaches. I feel better overall.

Jim Dougherty


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