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At Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group, our goal is to take the time to dig deep and find the cause of your symptoms. Our goal is not to just suppress them.

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We are dedicated to prioritizing my physical, mental, and emotional well-being by embracing a balanced lifestyle and engaging in regular self-care practices.

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As a trusted chiropractor, I am committed to providing exceptional care, utilizing my expertise to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance the overall well-being of my patients.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on the natural healing power of the body, employing non-invasive techniques to optimize spinal health, relieve pain, and promote overall wellness.
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Why Choose A Chiropractor?

Improvement in Overall Health Chiropractic care doesn’t just target one issue or problem.

It aims to improve your overall health and wellness by helping you get back into alignment and giving your nervous system, muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints the support they need.

Chiropractors work to provide you with the specific support that’s needed for a better-functioning body that can lead to improved quality of life.

Chiropractors also aim to help increase mobility so you can do more things!

If you feel like there are limitations on what you can do due to pain or other reasons, chiropractic care could be an excellent way to open up those doors once again.


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Subluxation Degeneration

Feel The Body Adjustment From Head to the Toe

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Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group

Working together for A healthier life

Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group are dedicated to offering the best chiropractic care and helping our patients achieve their best selves.

We are not just about checking boxes and eliminating short-term pain.

We are about your body and your mind as a whole.

Dr. Jeff Parton

Dr. Jeff Parton

Will partner with you to teach you how to make lasting changes in your spine and nervous system, as well as help manage your ongoing structural wellness. Dr. Parton has been practicing since Dec 1998 and continues to have a passion for spinal and overall health and balance.

Patients seeking treatment at Mercer Island Chiropractic and Medical Group are people looking for chiropractic and massage therapy providers focused on providing hands-on personal care and attention.

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