Questions & Answers regarding I 522 and Label Genetically Engineered Foods #1

1. Why is it important to pass Initiative 522 (I-522)? A “yes” vote on Initiative 522 (I-522) would give Washington shoppers more information about what’s in the food they eat and feed their families. Under this initiative, genetically engineered foods, including corn or soy, or foods with genetically engineered ingredients like chips, cold cereals, soft drinks, and candy would be required to be labeled noting that the food or processed food has been genetically engineered. Labeling genetically engineered foods would give shoppers more control over their shopping decisions. 2. Will this impact food prices? Contrary to the opposition’s claims, label updates are a routine part of business for the food industry and should not result in additional costs to shoppers. For example, Food companies re-label soda cans and cereal boxes all the time and it doesn’t affect cost. We already include labels for sugar and fat content, ingredients and numerous other things, so there would be no cost in labeling genetically engineered foods. Labeling genetically engineered foods is about transparency and empowering shoppers. Even food companies are saying there is no real additional cost: According to Arran Stephens, president and founder of Nature’s Path: “We, as with most manufacturers, are continually updating our packaging. It is a regular cost of doing business – a small one at that – and is already built into our cost structure. Claims that labeling GMOs would significantly increase the price of food for consumers just aren’t true. Companies would certainly be updating their packaging for other reasons within the 18 months they will be given to comply with the new law, and could simply make the additional GMO labeling changes at the same time.” On labeling genetically engineered foods, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, Jerry Greenfield stated that, “This can be done. It won’t materially affect the company’s profit margins.” Check back for more information regarding I 522, remember to vote Tues November 5th

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