Questions & Answers regarding I 522 and Label Genetically Engineered Foods #3

5. Are you worried that this measure will fail since a similar initiative failed in California? Let’s not forget that despite large chemical and pesticide companies spending well over $45 million, they barely defeated the measure. Prop 37 heightened awareness of this issue and advancing the national dialogue about food labeling. For example, since the California measure failed in November 2012, Whole Foods announced this spring that they would require all of their products to have GMO labels by 2018, and many grocery stores have come out as opposed to genetically engineered fish (GE Fish). Chipotle, the restaurant chain, also recently announced it started labeling its genetically engineered ingredients. “Yes on 522” is doing things a little differently. With the excitement and momentum from Just Label It turning in over 350,000 signatures to get I-522 on the fall ballot, we have started this campaign with a lot of interest and public engagement. People, organizations, businesses, and communities from all over the state are coming together to ensure Washington consumers have the right to know what’s in the food they and their families eat. 6. What type of salmon is on the logo? King Salmon.

Vote Tuesday November 5

YES on 522