Questions & Answers regarding I 522 and Label Genetically Engineered Foods Posting #4 of 5

7. Are all foods, including meat and dairy, required to be labeled if genetically engineered (GE) under this Initiative? Initiative 522 is an important first step in giving Washington shoppers the information they need to make informed decisions about the food they buy and feed their families. It was modeled on the most common global GE labeling standards. The authors of the initiative intentionally worked to ensure that Washington’s labeling laws would not be stricter than global standards so that it wouldn’t have an adverse economic impact on our farmers and food producers. Here are some examples of food that, under this initiative, would require labeling if they were genetically engineered or contained genetically engineered ingredients: sweet corn, papaya, cold cereals, corn chips, soy milk, canola oil, soft drinks and candy.   8. Does the initiative require labeling of meat or dairy? Meat and dairy from animals that are themselves genetically engineered would be labeled under I-522. Meat and dairy from animals that only ate genetically engineered feed would not be labeled under this initiative. This conforms with common global labeling standards. It wouldn’t make economic sense for Washington to be stricter than global standards, because that could have an adverse economic impact on our farmers and food producers.  

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