Questions & Answers regarding I 522 and Label Genetically Engineered Foods #5 of 5

  9. Does the initiative require labeling of genetically engineered fish? Yes. Genetically engineered salmon, which the Food and Drug Administration is recommending for approval, will be labeled under I-522. Alaska already passed a law in 2005 to require labels on genetically engineered fish and seafood.   10. I’ve heard that there are studies that show there are no effects of genetically engineered foods on humans, then why do we need special GE/GMO labels?   Initiative 522 is an important first step because Washington shoppers should have the right to know what’s in the food they and their families eat. Just like you have the right to know the nutritional content of your breakfast cereal or a favorite candy bar, Yes on 522 allows shoppers to have more control over their grocery shopping decisions. A “yes” vote on 522 allows Washington shoppers to make informed decisions when buying food for themselves and their families.   11. Do other states or countries require foods to have genetically engineered labels? Yes, there are more than 60 countries around the world that require labels for food or ingredients that have been genetically engineered.  

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