Mercer Island Chiropractic Beliefs

EXCELLENCE: We believe, in order to make the world a healthier, happier place to live, we must dedicate ourselves to the infinite quest for excellence in performing each and every duty assigned to us.

DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL: We believe in the fair, honest, kind and professional treatment of each and every person with whom we come in contact.

OUR SERVICES: We believe our services and products are invaluable and the body nurtured and the soul uplifted by using them. We constantly strive to provide superior service at good value, be philosophically inspiring and to teach the beautiful healing art of Chiropractic to everyone with whom we come in contact.

OUR CLINIC: We believe in generating an ambiance that promotes creative thinking from everyone involved. We plan to make our work satisfying, productive and challenging and therefore encourage intelligent risk-taking without fear of failure.

OUR STAFF:  We believe that our staff develops a stronger commitment to excellence when they are directly involved in the management of their respective departments. We highly encourage “ownership” of specific areas of duty, resulting in a higher quality of service, increased integrity in your accomplishments and an opportunity to share in the financial rewards of individual and team efforts.

We are committed to hiring above-average people who are willing to go beyond mere expectation and push the boundaries of superior attitude and service. In exchange, we are committed to the development of our staff using every available means, including cultivating, training, rewarding and where possible promoting those staff members who enable us to move forward.

OUR DREAM: Our role at Mercer Island Chiropractic is taking an active part in impacting our planet with Chiropractic care by maximizing health potential. By dedicating all our resources to this dream of impacting others’ lives for better health, everyone profits: our patients, their families and our employees!


Unique Benefits of our Office

Things You Cannot Get Elsewhere!

  • Specific and gentle Chiropractic adjustments!
  • Totally dedicated to your health care!
  • Correction of your problem, not just relief of symptoms!
  • Inspirational and motivating environment!
  • Our office is full of tender, loving care!
  • We pride ourselves on no waiting!
  • Minimum paperwork for the patient, all billing is done for you!
  • Proper explanation of insurance benefits and procedures!
  • We get fantastic results!
  • Patient education and orientation!
  • Energetic and upbeat staff!
  • Great location!
  • Very professional but still fun!
  • Clean and pleasant office!
  • Doctor dedicated to helping people heal!
  • We can see a new patient the same day, no waiting!
  • Streamlined and efficient patient handling!
  • Success oriented!
  • Teach Universal Laws of Life!
  • Weekly handouts!
  • Doctor constantly updating his training and education!
  • Majority of our patients are referred to us by other patients!
  • Specialize in family care!
  • Doctor available for health talks in community!
  • Professional and well groomed!
  • Handle patients tactfully!
  • Flexible appointment times!
  • Doctor is a Master Chiropractor!
  • This is the “Mayo Clinic” of Chiropractic
  • Our office is a beacon of light; people come here from all over the world!
  • We experience miracles of healing every day!