Anna Hiatt, ARNP

Dr. Anna - Family Practice And Holistic Medicine

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
When Anna first joined the healthcare force, her goal was pretty simple – she wanted to help people.
Anna’s goal became to not just provide excellent healthcare, but also let people know they mattered.

She became a nurse practitioner after years of working in the community as a Home Health and Hospice nurse. She wanted to be able to do more for her patients than just administer medications and follow cookie cutter care plans.

Anna Hiatt, ARNP - Mercer Island ChiropracticAs Anna trained, she was precepted by a doctor who had a specialty in both Family Practice AND Holistic medicine.

She found that having both a foot in the holistic world and a foot in the traditional Western Medicine world didn’t limit her, but gave her twice the arsenal of therapies she could use to improve patient outcomes. Anna stayed with this philosophy of care, and found that patients enjoyed having a say in how their healthcare was directed.

When you book an appointment with Anna, you will not be a set of vitals and labs. You will be a whole person:

  • When you call to make your appointment, you will talk to a person, not a phone tree.
  • You will be treated as a unique individual, with your own set of goals and therapies to help you achieve your definition of wellness.
  • We will create a true healthcare partnership to help you meet you and your family’s needs.

We get extraordinary results with our patients. Call now to set up an appointment. (206) 841-7949.