How to establish discipline. One of the hardest things that we can do in life is to try and change. Especially when that involves changing your self. We are creatures of habit. We get very comfortable and used to doing things. Even if it is self destructive behavior the familiar is a known commodity whereas Read More »

How can chiropractors benefit your health? Published May 02, 2012NewsCore Back and neck pain are the chief complaints for which patients seek chiropractic help. Through manual spinal manipulation, chiropractic care is a holistic therapy that focuses on maintaining healthy¬†musculoskeletal and nervous systems to ensure overall wellness. Effectiveness The research about chiropractic care is growing. According Read More »

  9. Does the initiative require labeling of genetically engineered fish? Yes. Genetically engineered salmon, which the Food and Drug Administration is recommending for approval, will be labeled under I-522. Alaska already passed a law in 2005 to require labels on genetically engineered fish and seafood.   10. I‚Äôve heard that there are studies that Read More »