Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine practitioners have all the credentials and skills of a regular provider, but take the time to dig deeper and address the cause of your symptoms, versus just correcting them.
Our goal is to look beyond traditional therapies and provide ways to create optimal health.
We look at all aspects of your life including  your eating patterns, sleep habits, bowel movements, stress levels, job satisfaction, medications, supplements, physical activity, or lack of.
All of these aspects of one’s life influence your health.
Functional medicine addresses the whole person, and not just an isolated set of symptoms.
We work to reverse the issues and also educate our patients on the steps to take to prevent further suffering, – something western medicine often fails to do.
Dr Jeff Parton and Anna Hiatt, ARNP/FNP will work with you to help you create the best you possible.

This can cover a wide range of therapies, including:
** Stress and Anxiety Management
** Holistic Pain Management
** Weight Loss Support
** Botox and Aesthetics
** Hormone Replacement Therapy
and many other therapies to help you reach your personal goals.

Services can be provided both in person at the clinic and many times virtually.
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