Functional Health Price List

Acne / Eczema management – Office visit, plus cost of product. Products used include Accutane, Mycolog II, antibiotics and steroid creams. Insurance may cover the cost of the medications and labs, if required (Accutane does require routine follow ups and lab work).
Ideal client – Anyone.

Acne / Eczema Management Chiropractic Mercer Island WA

PDO Thread Non-surgical Facelift – $850 per procedure. Pre-consult is required and may be virtual or in person. This service provides a mild to moderate lift of the skin tissues, resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance of the mid-face that reduces jowling and marionette lines permanently.
Patient is numbed in a method similar to a dental procedure, and three to four large, dissolvable, barbed sutures are placed beneath the skin – from the hairline to the lower face. These sutures then lock and lift the tissues into place, and dissolve over time. These sutures are replaced with natural scar tissue that continues to support the skin, but is not visible on the skin surface.    
Ideal client – Anyone not allergic to Epinephrines, Lidocaines, or dissolvable sutures.
** Procedure WILL cause swelling and bruising, and involves a two week recovery that is discussed in detail during the pre-consult. ** 

Other PDO services include lip line smoothing, chin lift, neck lift, and some facial static line filling. Price is TBD, based on procedure, but starts at $100. Discount can be applied if combined with other treatments.
Ideal client – Anyone. Topical bupivacaine/lidocaine/tetracaine is used for numbing, if desired.

Plasma Pen – $200 per 15 minute session. Skin resurfacing using plasma microbursts that removes moles, skin tags, skin discolorations, skin creping, acne scars and other surface skin blemishes. Topical bupivacaine/lidocaine/tetracaine is used for numbing, if desired. This procedure requires a pre-consult that can be virtual. Two week healing process is required, and some redness that will fade over time is to be expected.
Ideal client – Anyone

Knee / Shoulder Joint Injections – $300 per injection session. Up to three month pain relief of arthritic knees or shoulders using an injection of lidocaine combined with Triamcinolone (Kenalog). Can only be done every three months. May affect blood sugar levels, so diabetics will need to monitor closely after procedure.
Ideal client – Arthritic joints, frozen joints. Typically does not help torn joints.

Knee / Shoulder Joint Injections Mercer Island WA

IV Hydration – 500ml to 1ml IV infusion for patients suffering from routine dehydration not managed by oral intake. Price TBD, but averages $250 a session. Member discounts available for repeat clients. May be covered by insurance.
Ideal clients – Anyone, but typically elderly, post procedure Bariatric patients, patients suffering/recovering from frequent nausea issues.

Weight Management / Chronic Fatigue Management – Price TBD. Includes monthly weigh in, nutrition counseling, labs, appetite suppressant prescription if desired, nutrition and personal training referrals. Some elements may be covered by insurance.
Ideal clients – anyone.
Weight Management / Chronic Fatigue Management Mercer Island WA

Anxiety Management – Office visit and weekly to monthly follow up, based on presentation and symptoms. May involve prescription management. Tempus DNA Testing offered on site. May be covered by insurance.

Anxiety Management Mercer Island WA

Routine Wellness Exams // Wellness Care. $250 per month, self pay. Can be covered by insurance. Routine physical exam, routine lab work and imaging, School and sports physicals, including paperwork.
Ideal clients – Anyone requiring basic medical care. (No pain management involving narcotic prescription.) 

Specialty services – Hormone replacement therapy, male and female libido health, menopause wellness.