Natural Solutions for Attention Deficit


Every year, millions of children and adults are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. According to the CDC the annual societal ‘‘cost of illness’’ for ADHD is estimated to be between $36 and $52 billion, in 2005 dollars. It is estimated to be between $12,005 and $17,458 annually per individual.

Most doctors will prescribe drugs like Adderall in order to control the symptoms. But what if the problem wasn’t bad brain chemistry, but a toxicity or deficiency in specific nutrients?

Here are 3 easy and natural ways to maximize the focus and increase brain function in the ADHD child:

1. Add Omega 3′s – Most people know that Omega 3′s from fish oil can help people prevent heart disease. However, more and more research is showing that getting your Omega 3′s can actually improve brain function. Your brain cells are MADE from Omega 3 fats, and getting them back into your body has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and even ADHD

2. Cut neurotoxic food additives and gluten – More research on nutrition and diet show that food additives and preservatives can negatively impact the brain. Watch out for any ingredients containing benzoate, artificial colors, and dyes.

3. Get MOVING- Many people know that exercise is great for your heart and muscles. However, movement is one of the most vital nutrients for brain health. Taking away recess and PE to control kids is the WRONG ANSWER. Those 30 minutes of physical activity are critical for brain balance! New research is starting to show that it stimulates the nervous system and brings balance to brain function.

This is ESPECIALLY important when it comes to MOVEMENT OF THE SPINE. The spine is loaded with nerves that send positive feedback signals to the brain. Remember, chiropractic isn’t about bones, muscles, or ligaments. It’s about the central nervous system which will ALWAYS work better with a structurally sound spine.

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