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Cindy Stalcup

I first came to this office in 1999. I had, had a headache every week, digestive problems, and poor eyesight. I had been doing a lot of house painting and landscaping for several years prior. After finding this office in the yellow pages, I began treatment and am now completely relieved of my headaches. I’ve also had a major improvement in eyesight, weight loss, and muscle relaxation.

Mark, Renee and Knicole Morin

Our first visit to Dr. Parton was in October 2004. I was working for an airline loading a particularly heavy flight when I pinched a nerve that runs from my neck into my shoulder. I ended up in the hospital the next day in extreme pain. I spent the next two weeks seeing five different doctors at Virginia Mason, including their resident expert on neck pain.

After several tests including two MRIs, I was put on a heavy dosage of muscle relaxers, pain medicine, and anti-inflammatory medicines. After a period of one month, I was taken off the medicine, but unfortunately, my condition was still about as painful as the first day when I was injured. My wife’s mother suggested I go to see Dr. Parton. I, like a lot of people, was slightly skeptical about the chiropractic industry.

That all changed during my first visit to Dr. Parton. I was so impressed by the fact that he found the exact spot in my shoulder that was causing me so much pain. I did go every other day for two weeks and he was right on the money with his prediction. I was out of pain and back to work at the end of the two weeks.

My wife and my daughter started to get adjusted that week as well. We have honestly never felt anything but total trust in Dr. Parton or we would never have allowed our 4-year-old daughter to be adjusted. She is now six and has been adjusted 100s of times and looks forward to it every week.

I highly doubt you will ever find a better chiropractor than Dr. Parton. He has helped our family immensely through some truly challenging times over the past couple of years. He is very impressive in his level of expertise concerning the human body and is just a doctor who really wants the best for his patients. It will become quite obvious very quickly to any new patient that Mercer Island Chiropractic is a resource we are all lucky to have in our area.

Dale Bretschneider

I have been a patient since 1995. Initially, I came in with lower back pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 7 or 8…yikes! After the first treatment, relief was immediate and after 4-5 sessions, the pain was gone. I have been a continuing patient ever since, with great results. I see Dr. Parton on a regular basis to maintain the quality of life that comes from being free of lower back pain. He works on behalf of his patient and my results have been outstanding!

Jim Dougherty

I’ve been coming in since 1988 with neck pain caused by scar tissue built up from childhood brain surgery, and lower back pain. About 10 years ago I was in a significant rear-end collision that exacerbated these pre-existing conditions. Now, I have a better range of motion in my neck, less pain, and am more flexible. Also, I get fewer headaches. I feel better overall.

Joe Walery

I was in a car accident in 1998 which caused me severe whiplash. I had gone to a Neurologist, Physical Therapist and also tried Acupuncture to relieve the pain when I decided to go to a Chiropractor. This office seemed to be the most convenient since it was close to my work. I’ve been coming in since 2002 and find that I have more mobility, and all activities are easier to perform.

Lauren Allen

I had multiple neck injuries that occurred while snowboarding and during an auto accident in 2003. I have also for years suffered from food allergies. Before May 2006, I had had some chiropractic off and on and it helped a lot, but I’ve never had continuous treatment and definitely not a treatment for my allergies. After getting regular adjustments my neck tension and discomfort have greatly decreased. My food allergies are so much better! If I keep up on my adjustment I can usually eat everything without problems.

Lauren Staley

I came to this office in 2001 with lower back issues caused by a severe strain in the late 80?s. I had been going to the chiropractor for many years, but like a lot of people, I didn’t keep going once I was out of pain. I moved to Mercer Island in 2000 and my husband introduced me to this office. Dr. Parton has been a wonderful educator. He has shown me how consistent treatment benefits long-term health. During a time when I was in bad pain, he took me to good health and continues to this day.

Lindsey Lewis

I was having constant back pain and stiffness for several months. Being a college student, I could barely sit for long periods of time without pain. I had been treated by one other chiropractor, but unfortunately, I did not receive positive results. I was referred to your office by my roommate and now I am without constant back pain. I have more range of motion now than I have ever had and I feel better with more energy. Overall, I feel great!

Lorne Jacobson

I came to this office in 1999 with severe neck and upper back pain that I had been experiencing for 20 years. There is no one thing that I did that caused it, it was a combination of years of contact sports and a car accident I was in. I tried going to doctors, neurologists, and physical therapists for relief. Since I started coming to Mercer Island Chiropractic the severity of my pain, and the frequency of attacks have subsided dramatically.

Jeremiah Paul Sarmiento

My mommy first brought me in to see Dr. Parton in May 2006 because I was extremely colicky. Ever since my 1st adjustment when I was a 1-month old I have gone from a constipated, colicky baby, to a happy healthy 1-year-old.