9. Does the initiative require labeling of genetically engineered fish? Yes. Genetically engineered salmon, which the Food and Drug Administration is recommending for approval, will be labeled under I-522. Alaska already passed a law in 2005 to require labels on genetically engineered fish and seafood.   10. I’ve heard that there are studies that Read More »

  7. Are all foods, including meat and dairy, required to be labeled if genetically engineered (GE) under this Initiative? Initiative 522 is an important first step in giving Washington shoppers the information they need to make informed decisions about the food they buy and feed their families. It was modeled on the most common Read More »

5. Are you worried that this measure will fail since a similar initiative failed in California? Let’s not forget that despite large chemical and pesticide companies spending well over $45 million, they barely defeated the measure. Prop 37 heightened awareness of this issue and advanced the national dialogue about food labeling. For example, since the Read More »

  3. How much money do you expect to raise? Although we will never be able to match the many millions of dollars we anticipate big agribusiness will pour into Washington to defeat this measure, we believe we will enjoy significant financial support from citizens across the state and that this support will enable us Read More »

  1. Why is it important to pass Initiative 522 (I-522)? A “yes” vote on Initiative 522 (I-522) would give Washington shoppers more information about what’s in the food they eat and feed their families. Under this initiative, genetically engineered foods, including corn or soy, or foods with genetically engineered ingredients like chips, cold cereals, Read More »