Chiropractic vs AMA

Chiropractic vs AMA

There is a book out there called Medicine, Monopolies and Malice. This talks about Chester Wilk the main chiropractor in this case. Read this, the AMA doesn’t care about your health, they care about making money. Your medical doctor is not an expert on your spine. Asking an MD about a spinal problem is like asking an electrician about a plumbing problem.ChiroVsAMArtfd
Condition of the Month – Scoliosis

Condition of the Month – Scoliosis

Scoliosis… more than just growing pains

Between the ages of 8 and 18, during those growing years, is when scoliosis usually shows up. And, while any child can have or develop scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, it is more common in girls. The two most common causes are congenital (being born with a curvature of the spine) and habitual. Habitual, or environmental, causes vary from improperly carrying backpacks to poor posture and sitting habits, which affect the proper development of the spine. Unfortunately, the related problems, backaches, and fatigue aren’t just growing pains and can continue into adulthood.



Along with the physical symptoms of backache, leg pain, and fatigue, scoliosis has visual indicators including:

  • Spinal curving abnormally to the side (laterally)
  • High or uneven shoulders and/or hips
  • Stooped Posture
  • Tilted or off-center head


Chiropractic care helps children and adults manage scoliosis and lessen or eliminate the accompanying pain and discomfort. Plus, maintaining a healthy spine allows for an ongoing, active lifestyle for most people suffering from scoliosis.

Maybe it is not just growing pains…contact your chiropractor today.

Condition of the Month – Tension Headaches

Condition of the Month – Tension Headaches


When daily life takes its toll… tension headaches

It’s been one of those days… too much to do, too much stress… and BANG you’ve got a tension headache. It’s a pain you can feel at the base of your neck, like a vise. Usually caused by muscle tightness in these areas, tension headaches are very common and can develop into a chronic condition. While this muscle tightening is often a response to stress, depression or anxiety, there are other physical causes as well. Activities done in one position for a long time like computer work, or sleeping with the neck in an abnormal position can also trigger tension headaches. Other causes include spinal misalignment, eye strain, fatigue, excessive alcohol, smoking, or caffeine use, sinus infection, nasal congestion, overexertion, colds and the flu.


Tension headaches typically occur in adults and adolescents and have similar symptoms including:

  • Dull, pressure-like pain or general pain that is worse in the scalp, temples or back of neck
  • Pain on both sides of the head
  • Pain that feels like a tight band
  • Occurs constantly or daily (if chronic)
  • Pain gets triggered or worsens with stress, fatigue, noise or glare

Along with stress reduction and regular stretching, chiropractic care helps relieve the symptoms of tension headaches


Along with stress reduction and regular stretching, chiropractic care helps relieve the symptoms of tension headaches cause by tense muscles and misalignments of the spine in the neck and upper back area.

Get back to living the pain free life you deserve… contact our office today for help with your tension headache! 

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