The first chiropractic adjustment and the power of the body

The genesis of chiropractic adjustment can be traced back to an intriguing tale involving Harvey Lillard, a janitor working in the same building as DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic. Lillard had severe deafness for 17 years, unable to hear street traffic or even the faint ticking of a watch. Lillard revealed that his condition began when he felt something shift in his back while in an awkward, bent-over position.

Palmer examined Lillard’s spine and found a displaced vertebra. He hypothesized that realigning the vertebra could restore Lillard’s hearing. After convincing Lillard of his theory, Palmer performed a chiropractic adjustment. With expert maneuvering, Palmer moved the vertebra back into place. This intentional adjustment proved effective as Lillard regained his hearing.

The Power of Chiropractic Care

This story showcases the immense potential of chiropractic care. When the body is free of interference, it has the remarkable ability to heal itself. Imagine the possibilities – relief from chronic pain, restoration of lost hearing or vision, improved organ function. All these can be achieved under the right chiropractic care and technique.

Chiropractic adjustments are not limited to addressing hearing issues. They can also be highly effective in treating conditions like sciatica. A chiropractic adjustment for sciatica can relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, providing significant pain relief.

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